Co-founder of Lifebit - a game-like app that helps people get more out of life.

Notes on hiring (Startups)

Verbal interviews are optimal for gauging the applicant’s personal culture and communication skills. Applicant should be the one who does most of the talking. Gold flags for us includes a well-maintained blog, personal projects, teaching experience, volunteerism, leadership experience and demonstrated passion in the field. Some examples of demonstrated passion include giving talks in conference/meetups, contributing to an open source project, the type of content shared in their social media accounts, the type of extra-curricular activities in school ...(Read More)

Notes about efficiently building a great social product.

We have been building social products for several years now so there was a need to commit the lessons learned on a more permanent medium besides my brain. This post will be updated from time to time as more lessons will be learned while we approach the launching of Lifebit. Idea Choose between 1 to 1 (Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat)  –  1 to many (Twitter, Secret) If possible go after a baseline human need. Level 0 human ...(Read More)

Industry Predictions for the Games Industry (2014-2016)

There is a certain fun in predicting an industry. It’s a skill that is very easy to dismiss but is actually a key component in speculative careers such as analysts and investors especially if paired with data and macro-trending. Predicting the future is also a good skill to have in designing products since adoption relies on a projection of  your market’s collective state of mind. These are why I encourage product designers or founders to ...(Read More)

Categorise your startup or die

Nowadays everyone and their mothers are calling their projects a “startup”. This makes for a problematic scheme where words of advice or play books are constantly misapplied. In a young business’ life a slight misapplication will wreak havoc in the long term trajectory of it’s journey. A secondary problem would be the misalignment of founders, employees and investors. The last problem would be mis-prioritising what to focus on in the early stages. In a very ...(Read More)

Takeaways from Google’s Rap Genius slapdown

Before I dive back into our big product revamp. I would like to write down takeaways from a notable recent startup news item. RapGenius traffic goes down 80% after it got caught doing black hat SEO. Oops is the word. Rapgenius is a music lyrics site that features an annotation tool to attach interpretation of specific lyrical lines. It got caught soliciting links which is a violation of Google’s TOS hence a Black hat SEO ...(Read More)

SPUDSCOP: Task communication framework

Over at Lifebit, we really care about productivity.  Shiki uses the Pomodoro technique, some teammates work in flexible hours, some work at home, while the rest of team in the HQ works on a compressed time range that allows a more concentrated focus. Part of my job as Chief “Everything else” officer is to pinpoint bottlenecks and trouble spots in terms of the overall productivity of the team. We recently did a survey of the team ...(Read More)

Why the new Apple Christmas ad is genius.

Apple released a new christmas ad a few weeks ago. You can view it here: The ad got mostly positive reaction from the community. Sure, it’s directed and composed well but its brilliant for one other non-obvious reason… Remember the video that went viral showing an Asian girl with friends (and lover) glued to their phones? Here is the video in case it’s new to you: The reason why some composed works go viral is ...(Read More)

Hello Startup world!

A first post can be a very intimidating thing. It could be akin to entering a ballroom full of strangers where in my adolescence I would be wobbled by pure nervousness from imagined attention but I am well into my adulthood so I am  going to just march down to the most interesting table and start introducing myself. That table would be the startup table where very interesting mix of people are sure to be ...(Read More)