Industry Predictions for the Games Industry (2014-2016)

There is a certain fun in predicting an industry. It’s a skill that is very easy to dismiss but is actually a key component in speculative careers such as analysts and investors especially if paired with data and macro-trending. Predicting the future is also a good skill to have in designing products since adoption relies on a projection of ¬†your market’s collective state of mind. These are why I encourage product designers or founders to develop this skill early on. The first fearless future prediction exercise is for the Games Industry. Xbox One will win the US market by early 2015. There will be a price drop this holiday that will be very aggressive, somewhere in the vicinity of $5o to $90. With a new Halo game, Crackdown, Fable game in tow. I am also predicting Microsoft will be securing a timed exclusive with GTA5 – HD remaster or some ...(Read More)

Why the new Apple Christmas ad is genius.

Apple released a new christmas ad a few weeks ago. You can view it here: The ad got mostly positive reaction from the community. Sure, it’s directed and composed well but its brilliant for one other non-obvious reason… Remember the video that went viral showing an Asian girl with friends (and lover) glued to their phones? Here is the video in case it’s new to you: The reason why some composed works go viral is because it visually demonstrates something true. This video nailed the recent phenomenon of shifting attention of people in social gatherings from other participants to their mobile devices. It was an awkward fact but the technophiles had no good retort. Apple’s Christmas video just provided them with a very emotional one. The ad served a higher purpose other than selling the product. It reminded everyone that these powerful devices in our pockets can make the human ...(Read More)