SPUDSCOP: Task communication framework

Over at Lifebit, we really care about productivity. ¬†Shiki¬†uses the Pomodoro technique, some teammates work in flexible hours, some work at home, while the rest of team in the HQ works on a compressed time range that allows a more concentrated focus. Part of my job as Chief “Everything else” officer is to pinpoint bottlenecks and trouble spots in terms of the overall productivity of the team. We recently did a survey of the team on what the management can improve and it seems that one of the major productivity drain is the lack of clarity about a feature or a task. We use a fairly rapid non-style of just describing what needs to be done, writing whatever in the description and attaching mockups if any. Now, I have worked with Agile methodologies and one thing is for sure – I really hate how verbose and time consuming it is ...(Read More)