Takeaways from Google’s Rap Genius slapdown

Before I dive back into our big product revamp. I would like to write down takeaways from a notable recent startup news item. RapGenius traffic goes down 80% after it got caught doing black hat SEO. Oops is the word. Rapgenius is a music lyrics site that features an annotation tool to attach interpretation of specific lyrical lines. It got caught soliciting links which is a violation of Google’s TOS hence a Black hat SEO technique which costs you a major ranking penalty in search results usually from 1st page to past 6th page results which only old Uncles clicks through. Takeaways: Do not mind that its founders talk in a very weird bro/hiphop/gangsta wannabe fashion – it does not matter. There is a thin line between growth hacking and black hat SEO so only do them when you are in Google top 10 Ad spenders like Expedia. Be careful with ...(Read More)