Hello Startup world!

A first post can be a very intimidating thing. It could be akin to entering a ballroom full of strangers where in my adolescence I would be wobbled by pure nervousness from imagined attention but I am well into my adulthood so I am  going to just march down to the most interesting table and start introducing myself. That table would be the startup table where very interesting mix of people are sure to be found.

My name is Eric Clark Su, male, 31 years of age and an entrepreneur based in Davao City, Philippines. I have over 4 years worth of ramming my head against walls of the startup kind. First it was with a gaming dev shop called Cavalcade Games and secondly with a game-based life improvement platform called Lifebit. I have done some work establishing an IT department for a national university and also helped ran one of the earliest Internet cafe in our city.

I have a life-long obsession with games and design and their catalysing effect on people. Most of what I do have a heavy dose of both. So expect to see my thoughts well within those topics as well as startup life in general. Hope you stick around!