Categorise your startup or die

Nowadays everyone and their mothers are calling their projects a “startup”. This makes for a problematic scheme where words of advice or play books are constantly misapplied. In a young business’ life a slight misapplication will wreak havoc in the long term trajectory of it’s journey. A secondary problem would be the misalignment of founders, employees and investors. The last problem would be mis-prioritising what to focus on in the early stages. In a very resource constrained condition this could be fatal. These are why I have always thought its important to categorise startups. Startups, I think, have a good number of dimensions that determines their classification. This attempt on such a deep subject will undoubtedly require time but in the spirit of lean I will do my minimum analysis on it and improve it over time. First to consider would be the startup’s primary goal. The founders should state ...(Read More)