Why the new Apple Christmas ad is genius.

Apple released a new christmas ad a few weeks ago. You can view it here:

The ad got mostly positive reaction from the community. Sure, it’s directed and composed well but its brilliant for one other non-obvious reason…

Remember the video that went viral showing an Asian girl with friends (and lover) glued to their phones? Here is the video in case it’s new to you:

The reason why some composed works go viral is because it visually demonstrates something true. This video nailed the recent phenomenon of shifting attention of people in social gatherings from other participants to their mobile devices. It was an awkward fact but the technophiles had no good retort.

Apple’s Christmas video just provided them with a very emotional one. The ad served a higher purpose other than selling the product. It reminded everyone that these powerful devices in our pockets can make the human experience more meaningful. Smartphones allow us to capture, enhance, share and discuss moments. It is not a coincidence that the whole ad was shot using an iPhone 5S. Here’s another cool detail: If you change the device featured in the ad from an iPhone to an Android one, the ad wouldn’t miss a beat. This is what makes it GENIUS.

Steve Jobs once described the computer as a bicycle for the mind. Apple’s Christmas ad shows that Apple is now creating wings for the heart too.

After a string of misfires with those Siri commercials, it’s nice to see them hitting their notes again. Congrats to Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab for a home run brand campaign.

And yes, I got teary eyed too.